Our Mission

Our Mission is to source a wide range of farm fresh products across the globe and deliver quality fruits to customers across India

Our Key points

1.Trading since 50 years with trust 

2.Genuine rates for the products 

3.Customer loyalty 

4.Top wholesalers in M.P. market

5.Trading with satisfaction of farmers as well as customers 

6.Market understanding

About BBS Farm Fresh

Our mission is to source a wide range of quality fruits across the globe and deliver quality fruits to customers across India. Officially established in 1965, our experience and heritage within the fruit assiduity in India is alternate to none. Keeping our roots complete, we represent the same passion for quality, service and values that we were build on. BBS signifies fresh, wholesome and high Quality fruits straight from the vineyards of the furthest corners of the world. Thus, it makes us the top Fruit Importers and Dealers in India.

We’ve a vast distribution network comprising of largely devoted professionals coupled with strong logistics support, establishing a civil reach. Our scale of operation ensures that the fruits we supply ends up in millions of fruit coliseums across the country.

Why Choose BBS?

1. Exclusive tie ups with farmers/packers

We believe in exclusive cooperation with farmers/packers. Our association with utmost of our farmers/ packers for over 12-15 times is evidence to our commitment of successfully sourcing quality fruits and delivering them fresh across the country.

2. Request understanding

Over the times, we’ve gained a thorough understanding of the request dynamics across India and we also have several transnational fruit brands effectively exercising our services to broaden their footmark in the country.

3.Expansive distribution network

We’ve an expansive reach throughout India. Our effective force chain has not only assured that we reach further retailers and wholesalers in being metropolises, but also keep adding municipalities and metropolises on a regular base which makes us the Top Fruit Dealers.

4.Complete fruit basket

We understand the desire for a taste of the fantastic that resides within every Indian heart and palate. Our unique approach to satisfy these solicitations involves converting the simple fruit hand basket into an adventure for any palate.

5.Customer relations

The most important aspect of our business is building strong relationship with the customers. Collective trust with stakeholders has brought us repeat guests who have played a big part in making BBS a commanding importer and distributer of fruits in India.


Contact Info

Regd. Office:


17,ChoithramMandi, Ab Road, Indore, India 

+91 9993129497 +919039543000

Corporate office:
Sunil Kumar Balumal

Panchkula, Chandigarh